Program Benefit

Consulting Services Partner Program

BMC will provide CSPPs with branding and marketing materials that reinforce their certification status and allow them to promote and advertise themselves. This will elevate the partner’s status in the end user community and within BMC as a capable, trusted partner.

In addition to incremental revenue, resource utilization and margin opportunities as preferred, certified subcontractors to BMC Global Services, BMC anticipates participating partners could see increased revenue and higher billable rates due to market differentiation as BMC Certified Consulting Partners. Additionally, partners who opt into the program shall receive their standard contractual discounts off the then current list price for all training courses and exams offered by BMC Education Services.

BMC’s comprehensive technical certification and enablement program is built with the IT consultant in mind, and our rigorous practical approach to build and validating skills will provide the necessary capabilities to ensure repeatable customer value is achieved. Providing our partners with ongoing training, mentoring, and access to BMC’s technical IP and best practices will ensure continued implementation success for partners and their customers.

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